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You have bought some new insoles and want to keep them for as long as possible? An important and good idea when it comes to sustainability. Our care tips for insoles will help you achieve this. Just like your shoes, foot supports and the insoles are happy about regular conditioning.

Insoles and foot supports are a real hygiene-plus for your shoes. They absorb moisture that is naturally generated on the foot throughout the day. You’ve probably noticed that your shoes are warm and a little damp after a long day. It’s precisely this moisture that insoles absorb perfectly.

This is how insoles care for your shoes from the inside out, because moisture does not get into the inner sole. If you equip your shoes with a shoe tree to dry them in the evening, they help the drying process. Shoe shapers made of absorbent materials absorb additional moisture from the inner lining.

Five care tips for insoles

  1. Air after each use
    Probably the most important tip when dealing with your insoles: Take them out of your shoes every evening after wearing them. This allows them to dry and release the moisture they have absorbed during the day. If your insoles have an activated carbon filter, it can regenerate during drying.
  2. Change regularly
    Hand in hand with the first goes the second tip. In order for the soles to dry optimally, it is always a good idea to wear two pairs alternately. So one pair has a day off, while the other pair provides more comfort and hygiene in your shoes. By the way, this tip also applies to your shoes: they should have at least one day break after wearing. So it’s great if you have a little choice in the shoe cabinet.
  3. Washable insoles
    Washable insoles, e.g. those made of terrycloth, sometimes welcome a hand wash with a mild detergent. Moisten the insoles, apply some detergent and massage it in a little with your fingers. Rinse off the foam and your soles are fresh again.
  4. Clean leather insoles
    You can also clean leather insoles: with pedag Sandal Cleaner. The mild foam not only removes dirt from the insoles of sandals, clogs and slippers, but also from your insoles. The cleaner is 100% biodegradable and solvent-free.
  5. Do not dry on the heater
    Wet insoles are best left to dry in the fresh air or at room temperature. Please do not place them on the heating; leather insoles suffer from the heat and the material may become brittle.

We can’t say exactly how long your insoles will last – that depends on many factors: how many kilometres you walk with them, how much your feet sweat, in which shoes you wear them, how often you clean them… If the leather starts to curl or the upper material wears off, you should consider replacing them.

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