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eep toe time! There they are again: beautifully manicured toes and well-cared ladies’ feet, that are proudly shown in light summer shoes. But what if your pretty shoes pinch and tweak? We have some invisible helpers for open shoes that make it a pleasure to take a summer walk – truly indispensable treasures made by pedag.

The magic words are “Gel toe protectors”! All pedag toe protection products are made of a soft gel that gently adapts to the foot protecting the skin from friction and pressure of the slings or braided leather shoes that chafe your heels. The hygienic gel is highly flexible and therefore adapts ideally to every toe and foot. Moreover, there is cosmetic oil integrated in the pad that moisturises the skin and makes it feel soft and healthy. There are many different toe protection products for the great variety of foot problems that can arise in summer, for example the toe strip, toe separator or the corn pad.

Hallux valgus – a common foot problem

Hallux valgus, also called ‘bunion’ is widely spread – especially amongst women. In addition to genetic predisposition often incorrect foot wear leads to this deformity. With hallux valgus the great toe points inwards and the ball of the great toe clearly protrudes from the side of the foot. This often leads to pain and inflammation because the shoe presses against the bunion.

In addition to our wellness insoles with metatarsal pads in such cases the pedag Bunion Protector provides relief. It protects the stressed skin from friction and distributes the pressure evenly, helping to avoid pain.

Help for (nearly) any problem

Hallux valgus is not the only foot problem. There are many others that neither sound sexy nor look attractive and therefore need ideal solutions from the pedag’s range of Toe Protetors:

  • Hammer toe
    Hammer Toe Cushion: Relieving effect. Alleviates pain. Prevents skin irritations on the tip of the hammer toe.
  • Corns and warts
    Corn Pad: Alleviates pain and minimizes pressure.
  • Nail problems
    Toe Cap: Protects and relieves the tips of toes. Alleviates pain. Ideal for nail problems, ingrown nails, injuries of the tips of toes.
  • Pressure points
    Toe Strip: Protects and relieves from pressure points. Alleviates pain. Ideal for pressure points, warts, injuries and corns.

It still pinches?

However, it is quite annoying if, despite of all the little helpers, your leather shoes still pinch. But don’t worry, pedag has another invisible helper to hand: pedag Shoe Stretch. The spray will relief your feet immediately, as it makes the leather soft and supple and permanently widens your shoes. Just spray on the pinching area, put on the shoe and walk around for about five minutes – you will directly notice the difference.

And if you want to enjoy even more care – the barefoot spray pedag Silky Touch with real silk pampers your feet. It softly covers your foot like a second skin and protects it from friction – even if you walk barefoot inside your shoes. The perfect care addition for the summer.

pedag. Feels good.

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