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If each step feels as though you are stepping into a nail with your heel, you are probably suffering from a painful heel spur. Many people develop this ossification of the heel bone in the course of their lives. It gets painful when the heel is overstressed and the spur or the tissue around becomes inflamed. Heel cushions can prevent stress and help to alleviate acute pain.

The term “heel spur” refers to a painful ossification of the heel bone at insertion point of the short foot muscles (inflammation of the tendon attachments). The reasons why a heel spur develops are manifold. A misalignment of the foot can be the cause, but also overweight, permanent overstress or too hard shoes.

Due to the constant overload, the heel bone reacts and deposits calc which forms into a thorn. This can remain undetected and cause no pain for a long time. It is only when the foot’s sole tendon or the tissue around the spur become inflamed, that the stinging pain occurs. After a resting period, e.g. immediately after getting up, the pains are often worst.

Heel spur – what helps?

In order to make sure that you are suffering from a heel spur, your doctor will take an X-ray image. There you can see a more or less large tip on the heel bone which tapers towards the toe. Once the heel spur is diagnosed, the therapy begins.

Particularly important is the relief of the foot. That means: No sports during this time. Heel cushions are used to reduce the pressure on the heel and distribute the load which acts on the heel when walking. The tissue around the spur can recover, the pain can be relieved. Also, stretching exercises help. In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Two aids for heel spurs

pedag Point Plus

The anatomically shaped heel cushion made of fine leather, soft latex and elastic moss rubber acts shock-absorbing and cushions the heel. An especially soft zone relieves the heel spur. The cushion can be removed if necessary in order to relieve the spur even more.

pedag Ultra Heel

The soft gel heel cup provides ideal comfort in leisure and working shoes and in trainers thanks to two different cushioning zones. The gel absorbs the shock waves that come up when hitting the ground in order to prevent heel spur issues and alleviate the pain.

pedag. Feels good.

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