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Shoe care has something meditative about it. It is a sensual process: we feel, smell, see how our dirty shoes slowly transform. Three steps belong to it, the care coordinated with the material has to be chosen and at the end a freshly groomed shoe which rounds off every outfit comes to shine under the polishing glove. But you don’t always have time for extensive shoe care. We have five products ready to make your shoes look well-groomed, even if it has to be done quickly.

1. Clean – Combi Set

The care foam pedag Combi Cleaner removes salt marks, water marks and water-soluble stains and is suitable for leather, textiles and synthetics. Shake the bottle, spray the foam onto the sponge and rub the shoe thoroughly. Allow to dry. And then continue with step 2.

2. Care – Perfect Finish Spray

The ready to use helper for a shiny appearance: pedag Perfect Finish Spray is the lightning fast 3-fold leather care. It is perfect for quick intermediate care and for all sensitive surface looks that must not be polished. Spray on, leave to dry and go to step three.

3. Protect – Waterproofer

The crowning glory of any shoe care is its waterproofing. It protects the shoes from wetness, dirt and stains, dust can easily be blown or brushed off the shoes. Waterproof the shoes three times. Then polish smooth leather and brush suede leather.

4. Shine – Brillant

The polishing glove makes polishing shoes child’s play, because the fluffy soft lambskin quickly polishes leather to a high gloss after care. Ideal for in between. It couldn’t be faster.

5. On the go – Wipes

Small, practical, perfect for on the go: The cleaning cloths are individually sealed for hygiene, so you always have a refreshing cloth ready for your shoes. They remove dirt and refresh shoes, sandals & boots. Available in two versions.

By the way: shoe trees are also shoe care products for in between, because they take care of the shoes from the inside out and completely in between. Simply put the shoe on the shoe trees in the evening after wearing and they start their work: They gently smooth out the creases that are created in the material when wearing and absorb the moisture that has accumulated in the inner lining of the shoe during the day. At the same time, Aromatic Red Cedar shoe trees bring a pleasant spicy fragrance into the shoe and keep moths away.

pedag tip: shoe brushes are standard equipment in every shoe cabinet. And they can also be used to freshen up a shoe in between if it is not heavily soiled. With a polishing brush you can bring fine smooth leather back to a high gloss, a crepe brush removes loose dirt from suede leather shoes and straightens up the fibres; for a velvety look.

pedag. Maximum effect with minimum effort. 

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