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The hiking season is in full swing. So now, it is high time to take your boots out of the closet and get them ready – or to buy a new pair. With the right care, you can prepare your boots for your outdoor adventures. Read on to learn how to keep your shoes in shape for a long time.

Basic protection before your trip

No matter what mountain you want to climb, make sure you always waterproof hiking boots before wearing them the first time; most shoes are sold without any protection against humidity. We recommend you to use pedag Waterproofer to waterproof your shoes at home. It is suitable both for hiking boots made of robust leather and functional fiber. 

More comfort during the trip

Replace the removable standard insole of your hiking boots with a real foot support – and feel the perfect comfort! To make sure the boots still fit with the foot support inside, you should try them on together already when buying a new pair. The ideal insole for hiking boots is pedag Outdoor. Thanks to its special construction, the insole is the perfect partner for extensive activities in nature, no matter what terrain you are on.

Cleaning after your trip

  • Before starting to clean your boots, remove the foot supports. You should air them for at least one day after every use – that allows the foot supports to dry.
  • For best results, remove the laces before cleaning. Wash the laces separately by hand
  • Then remove the coarse, dry dirt with a brush; also remove the dirt and stones from the running sole. For intensive cleaning, we recommend pedag Combi Cleaner. If necessary, wipe the inside of the shoe with a damp cloth.
  • Afterwards, the cleaning foam pedag Combi Cleaner also thoroughly removes dust and dirt from leather and functional materials.
  • Robust smooth leather hiking boots can also be cleaned with pedag Leather Soap. This special, mild soap thoroughly cleans and moisturizes leather at the same time – still keeping it soft and supple.

After cleaning, give your hiking boots enough time to dry slowly. For best results, use wooden shoe trees as they absorb the moisture inside the shoes and keep them in shape.

Waterproofing clean shoes

Once your hiking boots are clean and dry again, you should refresh their waterproofing to protect them from humidity, dirt and stains before using them the next time. Only then, they do not absorb water and preserve their breathability.

When applying a waterproofing spray like pedag Waterproofer, a fine protective layer covers the upper of your boots. The water then drips off the surface – the material, however, stays supple and absolutely breathable. For optimal protection, apply the waterproofer three times. pedag Wax Waterproofer is perfect für sturdy leather boots: powerful waxes and oils waterproof and care for smooth and grained leathers.

Traditional wax waterproofing

Many outdoor fans prefer a more traditional method of waterproofing their leather hiking boots – using pedag Leather Wax. The rich wax deeply penetrates the pores of the leather and provides intense care. Valuable waxes and oils nourish the leather and make it water-repellent. Humidity cannot get into your shoes anymore.

Tip: Don’t forget all the little metal pieces like hooks and eyes when caring for your hiking boots. Use wax or Vaseline to protect them from corrosion.

pedag. Get your hiking boots ready for the season.

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