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Hand to heart: how orderly is your shoe cabinet? Are you more the “tidy” type or rather “higgledy–piggledy”? Have you always dreamed of a spacious shoe cabinet with room for all of your shoes – but now that you have it everything is still a mess? Our current blog article gives you some suggestions on how to store your shoes and keep them neat and tidy.

Crucial when stowing away your summer shoes for the winter: pamper them with a good beauty treatment before putting them away to hibernate. (Of course, this also applies to winter shoes that are being stored for summer.) So, get your sandals, ballet flats & co, check on how dirty they are and clean them thoroughly. However, even clean shoes need a good wellness treatment once in a while to remove old rests of shoe polish and allow fresh shoe care to penetrate the material. There are three steps you should always follow when cleaning your shoes:

  1. Clean – using for example our pedag Combi Set 
  2. Care – with a product suitable for the shoes’ material. For smooth leather, pedag Premium Show Polish is ideal; suede is best cared with pedag Suede Care; and delicate looks that may not be polished can be treated with pedag Perfect Finish Spray.
  3. Protect –  with a high performance waterproofer to finish the treatment. 

Shoe trees are indispensable accessories when storing your shoes for a longer time as they help your shoes maintain their shape. Shoe trees are also important for shoe care treatments: they smooth walking creases and allow the care products to penetrate even the deepest wrinkles. No matter if stowing away your shoes for a longer time or just letting them dry over night, shoe trees keep your shoes in shape. Our suggestion: get a matching shoe tree made of foam, beech or cedar wood straight away when purchasing your shoes.

Tips for a tidy shoe cabinet

After their wellness treatment, your shoes need some time to dry. Why don’t you use this time and work a little on your perfectly tidy shoe cabinet? Our favorite suggestion: store your shoes in shoe boxes. Of course, this is easier when you usually take the boxes home when buying new shoes. But if you don’t have boxes, no problem. Just go to your favorite shoe store and ask them for empty boxes. Most will be happy to give you some.

Now that you have boxes, take pictures of each pair of shoes. If you have, use a Polaroid camera (yes, they still exist) as the pictures come out just instants after taking them. Then glue the picture of your shoes to the shorter site of the corresponding box. Now take some tissue paper and wrap the shoes loosely (it is important that the shoes can still breathe) and put the wrapped shoes into their box. And now, say hi to your perfectly tidy shoe cabinet where you always know which treasures are hidden in it.

If you want it a little bit easier: buy special shoe boxes with mesh fabric (you can get them for example in this big Swedish furniture shop). They are available in different colors and they keep the dust away from your shoes still allowing them to breathe. The advantage of these boxes: you don’t have to take pictures of your shoes as the mesh allows you to see what’s inside the box.

Extra tip: Never store your shoes in airtight plastic boxes. Your shoes always have to be able to breathe otherwise they can get moldy!

Store your shoes in cloth bags

There is one more good way to store your shoes – using breathable bags made of fabric. You don’t need special shoe bags, you can also use cotton shopping bags. Just take your clean and dry shoes, put them in the bags and loosely close the bags. To make sure you know which pair is where use a textile marker to write on the bag.

Or, even nicer, attach labels made of paper or cardboard to the straps. On these labels you can register the type of shoe, color, material and even the date of purchase. This will help you to keep an overview. People who like it even more neat and tidy can make the labels on the computer and add a picture of the shoes. If you chose bags in only one color, your shoe cabinet will look very orderly – if you mix matching colors, the inside of your cabinet will look more fashionable. Whatever you prefer, you can buy cotton bags in many different colors in the internet.

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